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About Us

If you’re looking for a place to vacation, one of your best options are Puerto Peñasco resorts. Puerto Peñasco is one of the main tourist destinations in the north of México, located between the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran desert. This place is perfect due to its unique natural beauties, in which you can find tourist complexes of excellent level, exclusive golf courses, services of the best quality, gourmet restaurants and an endless number of activities. This place is ideal for Americans who live in Arizona, as it is an area of free access from the United States and prices at Puerto Peñasco resorts are much cheaper than in any other area of the United States.

Most of the things mentioned above can be found at Las Palmas Resort, one of the best Puerto Peñasco resorts. Las Palmas Resort in Rocky Point has fast become a noted vacation spot for people throughout Northern America. In fact many of our owners come from Canada to enjoy the beautiful beaches and low-key lifestyle that pervades this once sleepy little fishing town. And although it is true that in Puerto Peñasco there are countless hotels and resorts, we can assure you that Las Palmas is among the best resorts in Puerto Peñasco, both in quality and in services and prices.