Check-in & check-out times

  1. Wristbands identifying you and your party are required to be worn for the duration of your stay.
  2. Occupancy limits are strictly adhered to at Las Palmas.  If you bring additional guests to the property that are not within the occupancy limits you may be subject to eviction and will not receive a refund.  Las Palmas Security and Management reserves the right to question any guest not wearing a wristband while on the property.
  3. NO extra guests are permitted beyond the occupancy stated in your reservation and condo/villa capacity.

Payments & Deposits
Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice. Current prices can be found in the reservation system.

• All reservations require a payment of $75.00 to hold the reservation at the time of booking. This amount will be applied to the remaining balance due. • If making your reservation within thirty (30) days of your arrival date, payment in full is required.
• Payment of the remaining balance due is required 30 days prior to your arrival and your credit or debit card will automatically be charged.
• We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX or E-Check.

Cancellation Policy

Travel Insurance
Please note that our cancellation policy does not make exceptions for personal emergencies (such as family illness or death), transportation failures, poor weather, road and/or border closures, government disputes, labor strikes, border unrest, failure or lack of utilities, natural catastrophes, acts of God or any other circumstances beyond the control of SeaEsta Reservations, and in order to avoid such cancellation fees we recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance.

• Guest may reschedule each reservation one time at no cost. Any subsequent reschedule is subject to an additional $20 fee.
• Changes in reservations are subject to current rates. If you need to reschedule a stay you will be credited the amount of your prior reservation towards the new one. Any difference in price will need to be paid.
• If rescheduling of a reservation is done within the period that would have resulted in a cancellation fee, then amount of that fee will be applied towards any subsequent cancellations. This means you cannot change a reservation out to a further date, and then later cancel the reservation and avoid the initial fees. Any refunds that are the result of rescheduling are subject to a 3% finance fee.
• There are no changes of condo/villa or rescheduling within 30 days of check in date.

Future Discount and Sales Specials
Management reserves the right to offer rentals at various rates based on current and perceived future market conditions. No obligation exists or is implied to reduce an existing reservation rate to match a lower rate being currently offered.

General Rules

Pools & Hot Tubs
No Lifeguards on duty at any Pools/Hot Tubs.  Swim at your own Risk.

Pool and Hot tub Hours
Beachfront Pool and Hot Tub:           9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Clubhouse Pool and Hot Tub:            9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Baja/Grande Pool and Hot Tub:        9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Bonita and Delphin Hot Tub:             9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Hours are subject to change

Pool Heating Schedules

Las Palmas Beachfront Resort is committed to respect your privacy. The resort, nor ProMex Rocky Point Vacations Rentals will sell or in any way distribute your name or any information related to your stay at the resort to anyone or any entity.